Thursday, January 24, 2013

Auditory Hallucinations

Here are some of my secret codes I hear:

"You're welcome" = "You'll walk home". = You'll walk to a concentration camp when the time comes.

"Goodbye" = Go die.

"Bye" = Die.

"You too" = "You're due". = the dead fetus that's been in your body for years needs to come out (yay, this lovely crap returns!).

"Gotcha!" = "Gotcha!" = "You're doomed. You're caught in a lie. You're caught using secret information illegally. You're giving out intellligence. You're caught. You're trapped. You're known. You're powers are known. You're going down. You're a goner.

"This guy" = "The sky" as in "I really like the sky", meaning "I really like the universal powers that exist in us". Yeah, that one is harder to explain.

"See you later" = "See you laid her" = See you got her/ cornered her/ she will be raped/ or she is caught and she is doomed to die.

"Would you" = "You're a Jew" = You're destined for the concentration camp.

Just some nuggets from my brain..... on a rather not-so-good day.

This doesn't seem to be improving with the decreased dosage of Risperdal Consta, however, I refuse to take the higher dosage because I want to lose weight and not be an obese cow for the rest of my life.

Perhaps the increased dosage of Latuda to 160 mgs. (Highest Possible Dose) will help.

Perhaps not.


  1. Have you tried Haldol? I use to be on Risperdal too.

  2. I had some of those as well. Rarely now, but I do remember the feeling of being bombarded with them. I am so sorry, Jen.


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