Monday, October 15, 2012

I Still Have Free Speech, Thank You Very Much

Well, this is absolutely fabulous. Here is a warning to anyone with a blog, which means, anyone who frequently reads my blog since most of you are bloggers (or at least those of you who are not anonymously reading this because you work for social service agencies I frequent). Just don't mention on your blog if you're having a psychotic episode (for months) and your suicidally depressed, and you're barely functioning and you're not taking a shower, just don't mention this one thing: your apartment being a mess.

Apparnetly, saying on your blog, "I am going to get evicted because my apartment is such a mess", really will get you not one, not two, but three eviction notices taped on your door by the nice, sympathetic, MENTAL HEALTH AGENCY that owns your apartment, if you are guilty of the above and you are a terrible slob.

That's right. That's what I came home to today. Apparently all my neighbors knew about it before I did, considering most of them have no job or go anywhere, so they were the ones who informed me there was something waiting for me on my door before I got to my door.

The funny thing about this is I ACTUALLY PAY RENT TO LIVE HERE UNLIKE MY NEIGHBORS. Yeah, I'm not against helping poor people, particularly since I happen to be a poor person. I'm not against helping homeless people, especially considering I once lived in the back of a car for weeks, and I've lived in homeless shelters in Florida, Virginia, and Maryland before. I'm not against my neighbors. But my neighbors, for the most part, don't have to pay rent. And I do. And I have been paying it to this MENTAL HEALTH AGENCY for seven years. Do they appreciate that fact? Apparently, they appreciate it so much they can't wait to kick me to the curb next week.

Yeah, so that is what happens when you dare to tell the world that you are living in a state of disrepair. You get evicted and become homeless. That is what happens. That is my warning to you, so you can avoid finding yourself in the circumstances I am now in. Did the MENTAL HEALTH AGENCY call me on the phone, and say, "Jennifer, how are you doing? We noticed you forgot to pay your rent this month." No.

Did they call and say, "Jennifer, we read on the internet that your apartment is a mess, so then we came over to investigate it and found out it was, and we're concerned for your welfare. Maybe you should be hospitalized. OR maybe you should move back to the group home." No.

No, what the MENTAL HEALTH AGENCY did was leave three separate, typed, inhumane letters on my door for me to find when I came home. On the EXACT same day that I CALLED the MENTAL HEALTH AGENCY to see if they would let me into their supportive living program where they send a coach to check on you once in a while. I hear from my friends online in the UK and Canada, that you can have a nurse visit you all the time and help you out at home when you're mentally ill. Not in the U.S. And especially not in Florida. Here, you have to somehow know about some program that exists and find out how to get involved in it and then get accepted into it, and then maybe someone will come say hello to you once a month, or something like that. But, hey, whatever it takes. So I called and asked for that help.

And do they care at the MENTAL HEALTH AGENCY, that I called today and asked for help?

I find it hard to see how they care considering that they taped three letters on my door telling me I'm out of here in one week if I don't ship up or shape out. I find it hard to see how they can consider such action helpful.

Does anyone see how that is helpful?

Mind you, this is what I have been doing for the past however many weeks: lying down with no TV and no music and staring at the walls.

THAT is what I have been doing. I have been vegetating. Because I AM SICK. And last time I checked, that's a sign somebody needs HELP and not an EVICTION NOTICE from a so-called MENTAL HEALTH AGENCY.


  1. That is so horrible! I really hope everything works out . I don't even know how that can be legal.

  2. oh man. that is awful. all i can say is FIGHT it. with everything you have. call nami first thing in the morning and have them help you out. i mean, they haven't even inspected, right? what do they even know about the state of your dishes... (or mine for that matter). get some help from your friends at nami and FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!! in the meantime, here's a big HUG from me!!! c.

  3. I just found your blog and enjoy reading and learning from it, thank you for sharing. I also just started blogging here on blogger so am learning my way around. Sorry to hear about the latest post concerning housework, google Fly Lady and see that site's fun ways to help us organize and clean even when we don't feel like it. I find it very helpful and take baby steps when I don't feel like cleaning. Good luck!

  4. Yeah, Kristy the really funny thing about how it can be legal is how when I called the agency today to see if I could get into this program and was telling this woman who I know there how I'm not doing well she said, "I've been seeing some emails about you, and I know you have a blog." What? Yeah, and then I get home and find these letters on my door. Interesting.

    One Brave Duck, the funny thing is they just did an inspection two months ago. And it passed! Everything was clean two months ago. So in order for you to need to be evicted, you just have to be a slob for two months. Not two years or whatever. And I imagine they were in here today, when I was not home. Without telling me. Nice.

    Thank you, Terri.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I will get it cleaned up somehow but I don't know how these people can be so callous.

  5. yeah, sounds like they were snooping. which can hardly be allowed, right? doesn't it violate your rights?? my place gets trashed within a week of not doing anything, i can so relate... i have 5 bags of garbage that i just need to take to the curb but haven't managed. i have a week off school next week and plan to get to it then!!! still, call NAMI... maybe somebody can come by and give you a hand. if i lived any closer i'd come by and help. i understand, i am there, too.

  6. I am outraged for you! How incredibly mean! I don't understand how this can be legal. I wish I could do something for you! I hope you are able to get it worked out. Sorry!!♥

  7. "I know you have a blog...." Seriously, what is that supposed to mean?? I would write the newspapers or something. Try contacting your local news paper, write the Editor.

    Try contacting this group and see if they can offer any solutions:

    Contact a lawyer and find out what your rights are. Here is a lawyer in Florida, who specializes in Mental Health Law.

    Also, see if your neighbors will help you clean. Offer them a pack of cigarettes in exchange for some light cleaning. We could all use a little help and with school and work and all you do, I am sure you are mentally and emotionally drained.

    Use your resources wisely chick! Your blog totally inspires me!

  8. Damn the man!!!!

    That is just awful Jen. I am flabbergasted that this kind of thing is legal. Time to break out the trash bags and just throw stuff away quick so those assholes won't have a leg to stand on in giving you the boot. And I agree with One Brave Duck...Fight It! Good luck and keep us posted.

  9. I am so very sorry, Jen. It just can't be legal. I love Kelly for giving you that info above. ~Mary


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