Friday, October 19, 2012

I like this song.

That is all I feel like posting here right now, due to the discomfort that comes from knowing your being spied on by people who have no business reading your blog.

I'll write more when I'm in a better frame of mind (as if that ever happens!).


FrankandMary said...

But it does happen...& it will happen again. Sorry for what you are going through, but better times are coming. ~Mary

Karen May Sorensen said...

Hi Jen,

I've always loved your honesty. But I know from having my own blog, that you cannot control who reads it - it is a very public thing.

I had my brother and sister read mine. Finally stopped that blog after my brother and sister objected to something I said about my mother. Even though that blog was anonymous. It was a nasty flair up between us. My sister and I were yelling at each other over the phone. I quit the blog, it just wasn't worth it.

New blog my family doesn't know about.

But still, I worry.

And I know, its public. So all bets are off over what will happen.

Probably because of past experience I'm pretty inhibited and self edit. Don't talk about family much anymore except my husband who has given me permission to go whole hog.

So sorry you have had a negative experience from simply telling the truth. I know how much relief you can get from saying exactly what is on your mind...............

Take care,


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