Wednesday, August 15, 2012

last week's deleted post and some good news

I wrote the below on 8/15 and then I removed it, because I was afraid I was revealing too much information:

Do you know anything about Bobby Fischer? If so, what do you think:

1. He was a mind control victim of the Nazi/CIA/Illuminati government
2. He suffered from paranoid Schizophrenia
3. He just played chess like a genius
4. Combination of above: please explain.

Please answer in the comments. I have been most fascinated by this man lately since I watched a documentary about him, which I probably shouldn't have watched. As my mom says about these things, "Alcoholics shouldn't watch movies where everybody is drinking; why put that in your head?" But I love CIA movies like the Bourne series, and my mom went to see the Bourne Legacy with me last weekend. I think there is a lot of truth in those movies that relate to my life.

Anyway, I know this sounds weird but please share your thoughts on Bobby Fischer.


(P.S. I know I sound unwell in this post. Oh well.)


Back to today 8/27/2012

My Navane is at 4 mgs a day now, I think. Can't really remember at the moment. It's either 2 or 4. Anyway, I haven't noticed it helping much if at all.

I'm going back to college tomorrow, unless the tropical storm leads to classes being canceled, and then I'd be starting Thursday if that was the case.

There is some good news:

To wit, I got through my Social Security review, and they are continuing my benefits.

Also, I got through my financial aid appeal, and I can continue college.

Also, this past week, I went four days on a trip to a place 2 1/2 hours away to get trained to be a NAMI Peer to Peer Mentor for Peer to Peer classes. This is so I can help teach a Peer to Peer course at my former community college.

In other news, the symptoms continue. I'm really tired too. I honestly don't have much to say right now. But since two friends emailed to ask how I was doing, and one reads this blog, I thought I would write a post to update you in case anyone is interested.

I am relieved about the financial stuff being taken care of. I apologize for not keeping up with other people's blogs right now. It has been busy at my job, and I haven't been up to it. I haven't been on Facebook like usual either recently.

But things will work out. I am functioning.

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  1. Hello Jen. Thanks for writing. I am very glad to hear that you will continue to get your Social Security benefits and can still go to college. And I am really glad that you've become a Peer Mentor. You definitely are still functioning, I just wish you could get a break with your symptoms. I hope school went well this week. I wanted to tell you that a NAMI Connections meeting is starting up next week in a town that's only a 20 minute drive from me. It's been three years in the making, but a dedicated couple got the training and will facilitate the group. I'm very happy about it. I've been yapping for years about how important support groups are and now, finally, I will be able to go to one. Wish me luck! Take care my friend. I look forward to when you have a little time to yourself to write about what's been going on for you. First things first till then.


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