Monday, June 11, 2012

Social Security Administration is utterly incompetent

As if I need this right now, I got home today to find a letter from Social Security in my mailbox. It is almost identical to another ridiculous letter that they sent me three years ago. The letter claims that I had jobs during periods when I certainly had no job, and that I worked at three places for the entire year of 2005, when I was actually in the hospital for half of that year under a court order. It also claims that I had a job in Florida from 1998 until 2007 when I actually lived in Maryland from 1998 until 2000 and in Virginia from 2000 until 2004, and I only worked at that place for a few months, not NINE YEARS.....

I can't believe they could screw up this badly three years ago, and then, after I've cleared that all up, screw up in an identical fashion now. It is unbelievable to me that the government employs people who are this incompetent.

I do not work full time. I have not ever worked full time, except for a month or so in my entire life. I am not able to support myself with a full time job. I was in hospitals for about 20 visits during the times when these morons think I had a goddamn job.


Incidentally, you can read the posts from 2005 on this blog to see precisely how sane I was at that time in my life when they think I had three jobs. I was so sane I bought a handgun and almost shot myself in the mouth with it. Yeah, I was so capable of working. I guess that's why a judge had me locked up half the year. Because I was working three jobs? While locked in a psych ward???!!!

I really didn't need this today. Annoying.


  1. Hello Jen,

    I am writing from CureTalk (, a health care blog. I conduct interviews for our patient platform and would love to interview you. You were part of our Top Schizoaffective Disorder Blog List too.

    If you are interested please mail me.


  2. Jen,

    I feel your pain. The SSA is such a pain to deal with. How are they ever going to get the idiots who are getting social security falsely if they can't even figure out the ones who truly need it???

    They still keep sending me stuff about the ticket to work program I'm supposed to be in, even though I haven't been there in six years and have no intention of going back to work after getting fired two years ago because of my bipolar (which they didn't actually know about, but obviously knew something was wrong). I keep filling out their forms saying I am not in this program anymore and every year, I get another form to fill out.

    It's rampant incompetence. Sheesh.

  3. hi jen,
    i'm sorry you had this trouble with social security. it is hard to get gov't assistance like that. I have been waiting over three quarters of a year for mine. I just got welfare finally but i need disability pension as it is better suited for my illness. i have never worked fulltime and can not support myself without assistance. its horrible that the people who take advantage of the system, the ones that don't need it, are the ones that make all these checks and bureaucracy necessary which put us fragile people who depend on the system for living at major risk of homelessness.

  4. That sounds terrible - you would think that they would be a bit more "on top of things".

    I hope things are situated soon ...

  5. You might want to see if you have had your SS ID lifted on those "jobs" you had in Florida...

    Our VA SSA is truly inept. My father-in-law died in November, leaving his disabled daughter in our care. She received SSA benefits through him as her Legal Guardian. After weeks of paperwork, meetings and interviews with state authorities and SSA, all required paperwork to become her legal guardian was finally finished. All-in-all it took over two months of footwork and phone calls to complete the process.

    Last week we get a notice from SSA telling us how sorry [we are] to hear about the loss of my disabled sister-in-law in February! What?!

    A week later we are notified by the SSA to return her benefit check;. Also, SSA stopped Medicare aid for her medication.

    The incompetency is unbelievable'. Now we have 30 days to return her check, or 90 days to contest it, according to our latest notification. We immediately made phone calls. Set up new appointments with the local SSA office to 'prove' my sister-in-law was in fact alive!

    In reality, this will end up costing me MORE in lost time, gasoline and frustration to fix. A gargantuan mistake THEY made.


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