Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ode to an Old Couch

 In Memorium to the Old Couch: Pictures from 2009 when it was in better shape

There once was a couch;
it sat in my house
for years on end,
it sat in the same spot.

Things got moved around.
New apartment was found.
I saw the couch started to rot.

Covered in soda stains
and Cheetos remains
with cat hairs and stray threads about

My mom called it disgusting
this old couch a-rusting
and I decided it would have to go out

Poor couch o'mine,
you held many behinds
and were comfortable for
all the while

The cats lived on you
and you never withdrew
you sat there -
a big, cushy smile

Ousted onto the curb
without but a word
the couch went last week when it left me

The men who took it out
practically had to shout
insulting comments toward the couch

They said it was dirty
and the neigbhors got nosy
as the couch sat deserted, alone

I put ads on Craigslist,
said, "come here, please take this",
but the couch sat rejected by all

Until a lone, homeless man,
without any helping hand,
found a bed for a few nights
on the couch

Oh, happy was I to learn the good news
a poor man had gotten a snooze,
but the neighbors were mad
and not at all glad
that the couch had now found a new friend

The Salvation Army was called
for assistance
but said "We do not want this"
when they arrived and saw the couch damaged

They did not help the poor man
and the couch they abandoned
leaving both to rot on the side of the road

Then the neighbors took over
while I was at work
and put my sad couch by the dumpster

Gone was the man's bed
old couch good as dead
sitting by smelly, old garbage

The city was called
because folks were appalled
that the old couch was outside their building

Then today the day came
my couch no longer remains
it has been taken away to some dump

So long, my good couch
this is a lonely 'lil house
without your fluffy cushions filling the room

A new couch has replaced you,
so sad to deface you
no one will be as loyal as you

This new couch won't last
or outlive the cats
and piece of my heart is now torn

I miss you old couch,
on which I laid like a louse
for six years in my little apartments

For now that you're gone
I do feel forlorn
And my home has an empty compartment

New things can't replace
the items of comfort
that we learn to love in our lives

I will never forget
the old couch, where I sat
and the cats and I do feel deprived.....

I used to write poetry. Not stuff like this, actual attempts at real poems, but I mostly sent them to boys who I wanted to have love me in my 20's. But the love always failed to appear (for some crazy reason). So now I just make up rhymes and sing little songs to my cats. Like this silly one, which is evidence of what happens when your body cannot sleep properly. Some pharmaceutical company should send me a coupon for a rebate on Chloral Hydrate as an act of mercy.

Thank you to all you great readers who left comments about my last post. I really appreciated them. I am not going to delete or abandon this blog.

By the way the old couch was a used couch given to me six years ago by the mental health agency that owns my apartment, and they refused to take it back last week when they saw what shape it is in. I feel quite sure someone will rescue it from the dump and take it home.

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  1. This is a lovely poem! And I know how you feel about not really being able to replace old things with new things: there's always so many memories and emotions attached to things that have gone through a lot with you, they kind of have personalities.


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