Monday, April 23, 2012

My Life in Pictures: Jessica Leach's Graphic Novel

Hello folks,

A few months ago, I got a message on this blog from Jessica Leach. She is studying at Norwich Art College (across the pond from the U.S.) to earn her Masters in Communication Design. She wanted to do a graphic novel about the experience of Schizophrenia. I sent her some of my story in email. Well, it isn't printed in book form yet, but Jessica's book is completed, and you can see it online here:

Some of the story is mine, and some comes from other people. I have to say that the portions of the story that are mine are so spot-on in the way that she displays them that they look much like my memories of my experiences (other than that she has never seen me so the girl in the story doesn't entirely look like me, but that is not the point of it!). It actually brought back some bad memories, but those memories are never far from my mind. Seeing my story in pictures made me hopeful that Jessica's book will educate some people about serious mental illness and combat some of the stigma that exists. It may be her school project, but who knows how many people will view her website. She did an absolutely EXCELLENT job! Bravo, Jessica.

Please take the time to visit Jessica's blog and take a look at her book!


  1. i looked at a few pages, very cool. i wanted to let you know about another artist, sarafin, who i know from the scene here in toronto. she has done a comic book based on her experiences living with schizophrenia. actually, the series is still ongoing. we are both working on a project that will be displayed on our subway platforms for world mental health day in the fall. her graphic novel is here;
    i hope you enjoy.


  2. Wow, I checked out Sarafin's graphic novel; it's really cool! Very well done! I am so glad to hear you're doing a project for World Mental Health Day. We don't have enough activities like that where I live in Florida. My NAMI chapter does some things, but it doesn't get publicity or enough attention from the public like putting something up in subway platforms would. That sounds like a great idea!


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