Monday, January 23, 2012

Acid reflux mixed with obsessive thoughts equals the problem

I was thinking about my nausea and vomiting and gagging that is such a problem these days, (which I mentioned in my last post) and came to the conclusion after some reading online that it is likely GERD - acid reflux disorder. I have been told by doctors before that I might develop this because of Sjogren's Syndrome, and it seems that I now have all the symptoms of it.

So, the thoughts are still a problem. The thoughts are there and often there when I'm nauseated or vomiting. But I don't think the thoughts are the entire problem, I mean as far as the physical issue goes. I used to take a medication for acid reflux and stopped taking it a long time ago because I am on so many medications that it scares me to take things if I don't know that I definitely need them, but perhaps I should try going back on that medication. It's called Omeprazole. In fact I just took it tonight because I thought I would give this a shot before I resort to asking for another psychiatric drug.

But I did think about Mary's suggestion of asking for a different drug rather than a new drug. It is just that it has taken a while to get to this regimen I'm on now which, aside from the obsessive thoughts, is pretty effective.

I know that the obsessive thoughts must be addressed regardless of whether or not they are making me physically sick, because they cause me a lot of ridiculous mental stress. The thoughts are about all sorts of gross things, and generally the same things repeatedly, and the problem is that I don't have an effective method for ridding myself of them. I do know that when I took Prozac I thought it helped with my obsessive thoughts. But do I want to go on another drug? Not really.

This is what I'm taking right now:
Risperdal Consta (injections) (highest dose it comes in)
Clonazepam (low dose)
Vistaril (for sleep)
Wellbutrin *450 mgs (high dose)

Then I also take two thyroid medications for hypothyroidism, a medication for lack of saliva and dry eyes caused by Sjogren's Syndrome, a medication that's a muscle relaxer for my Fibromyalgia, and sometimes Naproxen for joint and muscle pain, and right now (temporarily) an antibiotic (I honestly do not understand why  I am on this), and an antifungal drug which is necessary because of the antibiotic, and 50,000 mgs once a week of Vitamin D because my blood levels of that were so low (this is like an entire bottle of the over the counter Vitamin D). And I take a large dose of Melatonin every night because it's the only way I can sleep.

And now, perhaps, I'll be back on Omeprazole.

I think that's enough drugs for one fatty, overwhelmed liver to handle.

My goal is actually to get off Risperdal, and I am still hoping that will be possible, because I attribute most of my weight gain to Risperdal and Seroquel. I finally got off the Seroquel last year, which is why I never have a decent night of sleep anymore to this day, and I still didn't manage to lose any weight after that honestly. I didn't gain weight, but I didn't lose it either. (I need to put a lot more effort into this I'm sure). And I'm pre-diabetic. So I cannot afford to be overweight. All my doctors have told me that losing weight would be helpful and I just can't stand the thought of being on these Risperdal shots anymore when I gained literally 100 pounds on them. That is a lot of weight. And I don't know how to even describe to you how difficult that's been to deal with, mentally. So my psychiatrist seems to think I'm on too many medications, and I agree. And the first one I think should go is Risperdal.

I don't know what can be done about the obsessive thoughts because I don't want to change the other things I'm on right now since I don't want to lose the stability I have with those meds. I've been thinking that perhaps therapy could help me with the obsessive thoughts if I found someone who really understands them and knows how to address them and accepts my government insurance. Not sure I really believe this would work though.


  1. Jen,

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you "reframe" those obsessive thoughts and teach you how to stop yourself when you get going.

    This has worked (to some extent) for me, but I still tend to obsess, so I can sympathize.

    It's possible that the nausea and vomiting are coming from the antibiotic. I have horrible reactions from zithromax and sulfa drugs - I get horribly sick to my stomach. Before taking another drug, why don't you find out why you are on the antibiotic and whether you really need it. And if you do, maybe they can switch you to another one.

    Hope some of this helps. I have reflux and it's horrible when it's acting up. I've been on prevacid for a LONG time and it's the only thing that works.


  2. My mom was a severe diabetic who died at 61, so I am pretty vigilant about my weight,food input, & exercise....BUT, I am not taking the number of drugs that you are. I totally understand your reluctance to change the regimen that is working for you presently. All of it is a balancing act between risks & benefits.


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