Monday, October 17, 2011

Not withdrawing from class

I'm going to try to stay in both my classes. I am partly doing this because of the disastrous financial consequences that would come from withdrawing right now. I talked to financial aid today, and basically was told "There is no way you will get financial aid in the future if you withdraw again." Of course, this is not the complete truth. There are ways of appealing these things for medical reasons; I have done it before. But I know that it would be a big pain. Also, if I withdraw right now, I will be stuck repaying the money I got from my student loan this semester, which is money I don't actually have anymore, so that is rather problematic. So I emailed my professor, kind of embarrassed to have to discuss this with her any further since I already told her in an email yesterday that I was dropping the class, and I said basically, I will just go ahead and stay in the class and do what I can do to pass, although I might do really badly on the tests. She said this: " I will work with you to support you in any way that is feasible so that you can continue in my classes."

I thought that was very helpful and a very nice thing to say. So I am going to go ahead and not withdraw for now. I would get so incredibly depressed and probably suicidal if I withdrew, that it is better if I just try to stick it out even if that means not doing well grade-wise.

So, life goes on. You just have to do whatever you can do sometimes.


  1. Oh, this was a good entry. I started my blog as a response to it :). Thanks. jay

  2. I think you can soooo do this thing. You are a determined, intelligent, and strong willed woman who can achieve anything.

    I really do have faith in you on completing the 2 classes.

  3. Good luck with your blog, Jay!

    Thank you, Afton! I really appreciate your kinds words and your support. You are an inspiration to me too.


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