Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunny skies and happy thoughts

I was thinking about how my recent posts have been full of some complaints. Honestly, I didn't feel like I was complaining at the time, just stating some basic facts of my life. But, I don't like to give off the impression that I feel sorry for myself or dwell in negativity rather than possibility and all of that. So here is a happier note, for you, the friendly reader. Hopefully, you're not one of those people who believes one's thoughts create the future of one's life in every possible way, because I can't imagine anyone who believes that would actually be interested in my writing much, for one thing, and for another, if you do think that way, I feel sorry for you. I know, thoughts definitely contribute to the creation of situations, but I don't buy into too much of The Secret kind of hoopla, and am not really aiming to sound like I do.

OK, now that we've got that straight. My wonderful friend, who shall be called Wildflowyr, because that is sort of her name, makes my day sometimes by sending me little cards and notes with stickers and flowers on them. They are always cheery - but not in a phony way at all - and also always meaningful gifts from a person who has been a true friend to me for more years now than anybody else I know, and who I trust implicitly because she is an understanding, kind, and very wise soul. I know I mentioned some old friends who skipped out of my life a few years ago, but those are not the only friends I've had, and I didn't want to leave the impression that I'm not grateful for those friends who didn't skip out when they noticed certain things about me, such as full-blown psychosis (you know, little things like that!). Really, it takes a lot for someone to remain in communication with a person who is clearly not thinking rationally much of the time, because the person is disabled by mental illness. It takes a very kind and mature person to remain your friend through the very difficult times. I am very appreciative for such friends.

I am also grateful for the friends I have made through writing this blog, as there are two who I have gotten to know and consider to be real friends, regardless of the fact that we have never actually met.

I know some people who are sort of friends, too, from the organizations I work with as a volunteer, and those people are great to know as well. I think people in general have things to teach others about the world and their lives, and experiences, so it is helpful to surround yourself with different folks from various walks of life, in some manner. I mostly do that online, I guess, but in some cases it's in person too.

Along these lines of thinking positively (however overused that term is and however much it annoys me), I am also full of hope for the future, most of the time. I do not have answers about my health problems, or how they will affect me in the future. I do have hope. Answers are not the only thing you need to get by in life, obviously. One can live without them, if necessary. So there's a happy thought to promote in the universe!

(Now I will win the lottery).


  1. Great post, and how amazing is it to have true, genuine friends who have stuck by us? They are priceless.


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