Wednesday, June 03, 2009

the social security saga is resolved, sort of

I do not ordinarily write two posts in one day here, but this one is an entirely separate topic from the other and they wouldn't go well together. So, my Social Security saga (if anyone actually reads this blog enough to know what I am talking about), has finally been somewhat resolved. Well, somewhat, but not completely. I received a letter stating that the money I owed from when I was supposedly paid money I supposedly should not have gotten was going to be taken directly out of my check, every month for the next five months, until it was repaid. Which would mean I get no check for five months. That would mean homelessness, since I'd be unable to pay my rent, and I'm not moving in with my mom again in this lifetime.

So that was a frightening letter. It was followed by four frightening conversations with different employees of the Social Security Administration. I don't think people who are not disabled mentally or physically have any idea what life is really like for those of us who are, because a lot of people would not put up with this nonsense, and perhaps this nonsense wouldn't go on if more of us protested it. So these conversations basically involved people who did not know how to help me (or feel any desire to actually help anyone) telling me, sorry, but, you get no benefits until you have paid back all that money.

Finally, I got a different response. I was told if I agreed to a payment plan, that would involve me paying back all that money, I would possibly get a check this month, which would mean that I could pay my rent and not become homeless. So, I pretty much had no options. I could agree to pay back this money that I cannot afford to pay back, or I could refuse to do so and end up penniless with nothing to live on. Obviously, I agreed to the payment plan. So every month my check which was a gigantic $740, will now be $67 less. This is a small price to pay to avoid homelessness, I guess. So I'm not complaining.

A woman I recently met through an organization I belong to was interested in hearing that I am on disability benefits. She said, "If that were me, I don't think it would be good to give me all that money people are getting on disability because that would make me want to stay home all day and be lazy and collect all that money."

"All that money", is, um, not enough to survive on in this country. All that money barely covers my rent and gas each month. All that money does not only NOT lead to "laziness", but in fact it requires me to work because without supplementing it with a j-o-b, I could not survive. Also, if I had not worked for a living for many years, I would never receive all that money in the first damned place.

This woman really annoyed me with her ignorant comments, but I'm used to finding people completely ignorant about the way the social services work in the United States. It is not like a bunch of welfare queens are living high on the hog and that's the end of the story. Rather, it is damn near impossible to survive on disability benefits, and it's also damn near impossible to ever get disability benefits. And from what I've recently experienced I also know that it is damn near impossible to keep them once you do get them. Anyone who doesn't understand these facts should try living on the approximately $500 a month the average person on SSI or SSDI receives each month, and then squawk about how wealthy they are.

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  1. Hallelujah! SSDI is not enough to live on, and we all struggle like mad to survive. Lazy MY ASS!


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