Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Positive Occurences

I have not been able to sleep well, so it's 6:30 AM, and I'm going to write to you about some positive things that happened yesterday. In other words, this is a report of Good News.

This past Saturday, I opened my mail, which I had not done in a few days or a week, and I found an eviction notice from the mental health agency that owns my apartment. It said that, as of Friday, which was the day before I read it, I was supposed to have paid this month's rent or moved out of my apartment. It was a Three-Day Notice. This was baffling because, just last month, on the 31st to be exact, my case manager at the other community mental health center (which is where I go for everything besides housing, because they do not provide housing), had spoken with a woman at my landlord agency's office, and the woman is someone I have been familiar with for a few years because of a major mistake that she made a couple of years ago when I was living in a group home managed by the same agency (this mistake resulted in me having to pay a few thousand dollars over the next several years as back-payment for bills she forgot to bill me).

Anyway, the day my case manager talked to this woman, whose name is Sylvia, my case manager said, "Oh Sylvia's said that you don't have to pay the rent in August, since I explained to her how you have not worked in eight months and you do not have the money at this time, but you will have it soon. She said you can pay off your rent in increments over the next four months". Funny thing is, Sylvia, is the same person who signed the eviction notice which said I was being evicted for not paying the rent this month. In other words, she screwed up severely, once again.

All weekend, because these agencies are not open on the weekend, I was really worried that I was about to become homeless again, because of this three-day notice. My mom kept telling me to pack up my belongings and prepare to leave the place. However, on Monday morning, my case manager took control of the situation. I had already called and emailed the landlord's office several times, and she did the same. In the end, we ended up having to physically go down to their office, have a little meeting and sign my new lease. I brought with me Sylvia's eviction letter, which her supervisor said that she should not have sent. She never apologized, and never even admitted that she was the one who made the mistake. This woman is a completely incompetent imbecile, in my opinion, and I have no idea how she got her job, but they really need to replace her. The outcome, however, was good, because I am going to be able to pay off this month's rent in increments, as was the original plan, and I do not have to worry about being evicted right now.

Another good thing that happened was that I was able to borrow some money from a family member to pay for two classes, while I'm waiting for my financial aid to kick in, in a few weeks, at which time I will pay him back. I am really happy about this, because I only need a few more credits to graduate, and I should be able to finish my AA degree, finally within the next year.

So that is my good news to report from yesterday. Also, I like my job pretty well so far. I will even be working today, although we have a hurricane supposedly coming by here. I'm not worried about that because in Florida, every summer there are hurricane warnings, and usually, a hurricane never its. Of course, there have been times when they have hit, but those have been rare in comparison to all the warnings we get about the ones that never end up causing damage.

The hallucinations have lessened significantly from a couple weeks ago. I still have some auditory ones. For example, when meeting with that idiot at the landlord's office, I thought she said that I was going to be murdered. This is a frequent thing that I hear when I'm having auditory hallucinations. I have not had any more visual hallucinations in the past couple of weeks since I saw that woman hanging from my ceiling. I have had a lot of the suicidal ideation stuff, but this is just due to stress, and it is not anything that is serious. I have no intention of harming myself, and no desire to die at this time. Which is good. Sometimes, when I get stressed out, like about thinking I'm going to become homeless, I get those thoughts as a reaction because I can't think of anything else to do in that situation, so dying seems like the simplest response. This is just a habit I've formed (which I have worked on correcting for some time), over the years.

Well, that's it for this update. I'll write more soon. As always, your comments are appreciated (Hi, Ken!).

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  1. I hope the hurricane isn't causing too many problems there. It is right over our area now. The power went out for a couple of hours and we have been getting quite a bit of rain but it could be a lot worse.

    I'm glad you are settling in with the job and the hallucinations are becoming less of a problem. I am a firm believer that things usually work out for the best if we just hang in there long enough.

    Take care,


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