Thursday, July 31, 2008

Choosing between two jobs...Good news!

Well, wonders never cease folks! I thought for sure, when I went to another job interview the other day (although I do, technically, already have a job now), that it went disastrously poorly and there was no chance in hell that I would be hired there. I thought this for a few reasons:
1. I arrived late, because I went to, not one, but two other buildings before I arrived at the appropriate place.
2. I arrived soaking wet from a mixture of sweat and rainwater, as it was storming outside, and I have no air conditioning in my car, but I had to roll the windows up.
3. The woman who interviewed me looked at me with disdain (or so I thought), the entire time. "Like I was a dead rodent on the side of the road", I wrote, in an email to someone about it.
4. The woman who interviewed me said a lot of things that I took to mean she was not going to hire me, ever.
5. I generally do not seem to be very good at the act of being interviewed for any kind of job, no matter what it is, according to all available evidence from the past seven months of unemployment.

However, like I said, wonders never cease, so they called today and offered me this job! Now, my task is to decide which one of these two jobs I've taken is going to be the one I really take, and hopefully keep, for a while. The two jobs are very different. The first one is a job as a companion, which attracted me because I want to be a social worker, and that job would be a step towards the social work goal. I also like doing things that help people, and find jobs like that to be infinitely more rewarding than working in an office.

That said, I am, probably, very well-practiced at working in an office, and I have no real experience in taking care of people with disabilities, which is, actually, not something I'm even sure I could do. For one thing, I have some physical limitations from a chronic autoimmune illness that limits me, and from Fibromyalgia, which causes pain during any kind of physical exertion or even during sitting in the same position for too long. For another thing, I have a very weak stomach, and am not sure I could handle things like taking care of people's hygiene, which would, in all likelihood, be a part of the companion job, at least some of the time.

So I have to make up my mind. Right now I'm thinking the second job I was offered, which is at the college I attend in the enrollment department, answering phones, would be more up my ally for a few reasons than the other job. It also has a guaranteed number of hours every week, which the companion job does not offer. Therefore, it might be a more reliable source of income with which to pay my bills.

Other good news! My caseworker made some phone calls today and got my landlord - a mental health agency - to let me pay this month's rent late, so I don't have to worry too much about it for the moment, as I have no money to pay it right now. And that was like a 200,000 pound weight being lifted off my back. I cannot tell you how much the thought of becoming homeless again terrifies me, because I have actually been homeless more than once in my life, and every time it was a horrendous time and I have no desire to ever go through that kind of nightmare again, if there is anything I can do to possibly avoid it. So my caseworker was quite helpful, despite all my complaints of yesterday about the community mental health center. She also got me an appointment with my doctor today, and I was able to get some Klonopin, which was very helpful, because I had been going through withdrawals from that and it was not a pleasant experience.

In other news, I have had some issues with friends in the past couple of days. One of my best friends is in a rehab some hours away from where I live, and has been there for months. I am glad she is there as it seems to be helping her get better from drug addiction. Unfortunately, however some rather annoying, childlike adults we know from the mental health agency where we used to live in a group home together, have told her that I said some sort of negative things about her, which I probably never actually said. She doesn't want to say what exactly I supposedly said, so, I do not know if I said it or not. If I did say it, however, I never said it to either one of these childlike, incredibly pathetic individuals, who told her they heard something that I said from my friend, who I trusted. Apparently, I should not have been so trustworthy. So now, I am a bit angry with one friend, the other friend is most likely angry at me, and the two idiots who caused this situation are people I never see or speak to on purpose because they are annoying, one is a serious drug addict, the other one is his sister and they both act like infants even though they are adults about my age. So, like any rational, intelligent, adult person, I sent them hatemail, in response to this 6th grade nonsense. Well, it was late at night, and if you knew me you would know that I tend to say things during the middle of the night that I would not be writing during the light of day. It's an old habit, though, normally, it does not involve me sending hatemail, at least not to people I actually know. But they deserved it....or, at least, it seemed like they did at the time.

Back to my last post and Ken's comments:

In answer to your question about Spooky, she got her name from a cat I had named Spooky when I was three years old in Baltimore, Maryland, who ran away from home. That Spooky and this Spooky were both all black, so the named seemed appropriate. This Spooky, as she would like you to know, however, is infinitely more beautiful and princess-like than her namesake who was big and fat. This Spooky is also rather moody, much like her human mother, and recently destroyed the entire bathroom in a fit of rage because her litter box was dirty. She is also developing a habit of trying to run away from home, whenever I open the front door to the apartment, which I always tell her is very rude and hurts my feelings (she is not concerned about that). Spooky is beautiful, and like many beautiful women, she's well aware of her beauty and uses it to her advantage, always getting people to pet her whenever they come over.

Spooky loves my computer, by the way! I have some funny pictures from when she was a baby, and she used to sit on my lap every time I sat down at my desk, and hit the screen with her paw, because she liked to chase the cursor from my mouse. Kind of funny. This led to my habit of helping Spooky write emails - something we like to do from time to time, which either amuses or baffles my family, depending on what Spooky writes and who is reading it. My grandmother thought this was a sure sign my mental health was going downhill again, so I stopped sending Spooky's emails to her.

Spooky sometimes misses her deadbeat dad, who moved out in January and never paid a lick of child support (and also never paid any of her vet bills when he lived here). We have discussed her status as an official bastard, and she's learning to get used to it. She doesn't really miss him at night, because that's when she likes to play and he always ordered that her toys be taken away from her so he didn't have to hear the noise. Now she plays with anything she wants, at any time of day or night!

Ken, I like the names of your cats! They are cute names. My brother and sister-in-law have interestingly named pets, such as Tiglet, a little dog, and Ribbet, a little kitten. They used to have a rat named Father Time and something that was named Nostradamus, though I don't recall what it was right now. They have a lot of pets. I never remember all their names. My sister-in-law works for a veterinarian and she loves animals.

Well, I guess my mother will eventually get used to the death of her dog. She wants me to go to Disneyworld this weekend with her and my sister, to get her mind off the situation. I don't really want to go, truth be told, because trips like this with my mom generally end in disaster, of the variety that is both public and loud, and I generally like to avoid such scenes. But this time, I agreed to go, to appease her. Maybe it will work. Likely not for long. I'll enjoy what I can out of it. My sister will be returning to New York, where she normally lives now, in a few weeks, so I won't be seeing her again for a while.

Well, I think I have wrapped things up with this post, though I know I am forgetting something I wanted to write about. There's always room for more posts! Please give me your feedback if you have any thoughts on what job I should take. I really need advice on that! Thanks, in advance!


  1. Hi Beautiful Mind,
    Way to go, girl! Congrats on the offers. Things usually have a way of working out in time, don't they?
    I would suggest taking the office job. The companion job will almost definitely require lifting and turning bodies on occasion and this would take a lot of strength. Go with what you know you can do well!

    Good luck with your Disney World trip. I read a fortune cookie once that said "If you have no expectations you will not be disappointed.". Just take it easy and enjoy the excursion. Remember that it takes two people to have a fight. You don't have to be one of those two people.

    Please give Spooky a head pat from me. She sounds much like my Princess.

  2. Nostradamas was our first rat. We died him pink and he lived in a box in my apartment for about a year, then he caught some strange respitory illness and kicked the bucket, all I really remember about him is that he smelled bad. We still have ribbit (5 month old orange med-hair tabby), tiglet (6 year old purebreed yorkie dog), deacon-blue (4 or 5 year old king charles cavalier/hound mix my wife found on the side of the road) and eclipse, our 8 year old siamese/ragdoll cat.
    Anyway, I'll miss toby too. Be sure to take the job with either the most money or the biggest possibility of moving up the ladder Jen. Cya! -Dan

  3. Dan -

    Thanks for clearing that up! I have a lousy memory and you and Dara have a lot of pets. I thought Nostradamus was painted purple. Pink seems more appropriate, if she was a girl, or, if she was a gay rat. Are rats ever gay? Interesting question to ponder. If anyone knows the answer, please post it!


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