Monday, February 04, 2008

How I Got Better in the Past 2 1/2 Years

So I was looking at some of the old posts in this blog, and realizing that most people would never take the time to read them, knowing how busy most people are, I just thought I would mention something.

I was really, really sick when I started this blog. I was not diagnosed, and I was not getting treatment.

A million changes were made in my life since then, and I have improved about 29989% above the condition I was in when I started this blog.

I didn't write anything here for most of the time while I was getting better. I found other things I needed to do, and I was busy a lot, and I had my boyfriend occupying a lot of my time, which he no longer is since we broke up. So I can go back now, and update a bit on what changed since the beginning.

1. I spent five months hospitalized.

2. I spent ten months living in a group home

3. During all this time I took antipsychotic medication and antidepressants and antianxiety medication regularly, and didn't ever go off of it.

4. I started seeing a therapist over a year ago, every week

5. I got a case manager two and a half years ago, who keeps up with me every week by phone.

6. I stayed on the medications.

7. I got a decent job and kept it for almost two years.

8. I went back to college and kept going for the past year and a half.

9. I moved out of the group home and into an apartment a year and a half ago, and I still live there now.

10. I stayed out of the hospital for 2 1/2 years, up until last week.

So that is basically how I improved. The medication helped, therapy helped, keeping myself occupied helped, and one more thing....I stayed with my b oyfriend for 2 1/2 years, and that helped too somewhat.

If you stop by here and you haven't had a chance to read any of the old posts, some of the ones from 2005 will give you a good idea of what my mind was like before I made some improvements, and what Schizophrenia is like when it's not treated.

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  1. thanks for participating and doing quips. i've published your comment-entry. i like your blog, it's very honest and ver brave. hang in there!


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