Tuesday, March 06, 2007

break up

My boyfriend stayed out for two days and two nights (again) without calling me. Finally last night, well, early this AM, he called to tell me he has gone back to doing drugs, a problem that he used to have. He apologized but I knew that if I let him come back in and continue as if nothing much had happened he will just continue this behavior.
So I told him if he's going to be doing drugs he can't live here. He said he would move out. Then he said no, he won't move out. He wants me to move out.

This is MY apartment which I waited for ten months in a group home to get. It's a low income apartment owned by a mental health organization. I got it for myself, and I let him move into it. Unfortunately, he could not have moved in unless he was put on the lease. So he is on the lease, and he knows that I can't make him move out.
I'm trying to find a way around that problem, but this is all terribly depressing.

I loved this person for a long time. I feel so totally alone now and heartbroken and miserable.

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  1. its a difficult situation teh one you have to face.
    Love also means to respect and care about the other. Your boyfriend is not doing that at all. He is just taking advantage all the situation. In other words he is using you for his own benefit. Now he wants your apartment. What would happen tomorrow?
    On the other hand you cannot live with him doing drugs at home. That is going to miss your live very soon.
    One thing is for sure, he is not going to leave the apartment easily. First get a new lock, and call the police when he come back to the place. Even if he is in the lease he is going to have to leave because he is an intruder.
    Also try to talk with some legal organization, they can help you to present something in the police station.
    But do all these things soon. remember: No drugs at home.
    feel free to write me to rilomanuel@hotmail.com
    Take care


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