Friday, August 12, 2005


i have to find a way to write a book sometime.

So, i'm at the library on one of our little outings where i have the privelege of seeing the real world again, and it lasts for about 20 minutes, so there's little time to write here.

But I'd like to talk about the place i'm living in, and can't at the moment.

I can't do much of anything, at the moment


  1. It is absolutely wonderful to hear from you again. I'm sorry that your locked up, but I am very glad your safe.
    If I may say, It sounds like your mind has cleared somewhat, from the sound of your recent posts. Punctuation, tone, etc... I hope this is true.
    It must be difficult to find the opportunity to post in your present situation, but I am very glad that you have done so.

  2. It is great to hear from you too, my old friend of sorts. I think, actually, you're the first person (and for a bit the only person) who read this blog and took any interest in it, so I appreciate that. Also, you're correct, my mind is a billion times more clear now than it was back when I started this site, so I guess it would follow that I would care a little more about things such as punctuation, etc.

    It is extremely difficult to find the time to write here, due to my present living situation which is in a rehabilitation facility that does little rehabilitating, and a forces me to waste away like a vegetable much of the time in a tiny building with no internet access.

    However, I promise, when I get the chance, I'll come back here to leave an entry for whoever might be visiting. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, Yhovah.

    Take care.

  3. Hello there, Have you seen Richard Gosden's book "Punishing the Patient: the Questionable Treatment of Schizophrenia"

  4. On all accounts you appear to be filled with the irrepressible intent to write, to write of many things, musings, topics and personal thoughts. It is like you have an inbuilt super generator that is producing so much energy it demands an outlet, to serge out and electrify the page. Some people just have books just burning inside them, like a fire that rages higher and higher with time, demanding not to be ignored. Perhaps you are one of them? Your bloging is certainly unique.

  5. CattleTruck:

    Haven't seen that book, but it definitely sounds worth looking through. There are a number of things questionable about the treatment I'm getting, both with medication and otherwise, and even though this situation is to be considered improved from some of the treatment people received thirty years ago, or more, I think there are a lot of problems with it, to say the least. Thanks for your comment.


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