Thursday, May 19, 2005

websites i did a while ago

i created and used to maintain these websites....there was a lot of work put into the resources there, in case they interest you: has womens history and literature, antiwar and peace groups information, and other things; the index page is not good because it was offline for a year so it doesn't direct well to all the pages actually in it....if someone has a website and would like to copy any of these pages and maintain them feel free to do so; i worked on it for five years is on disability and chronic illness and dealing with those..the name came first from my friend Ali a few years ago; we ran support groups online

These sites are down right now, but will be back in the future........


  1. I just ran across your blog and read through most of it. If you are still around, would you like to talk?

  2. hello,
    i am still around for whatever that is worth.
    i was forced into long term hospitalization, so that's where i've been.

  3. I'm disappointed to see that the two web sites you worked on cannot be found. If it turns out someone can get them back online for you, please let me know.

  4. Grace online:
    The websites I worked on will be back up pretty soon. I have to figure out some problems with the hosting you might like was the women's studies site. It had quite a bit of poetry and a long list of links to sites on women's literature. I started it years ago for a project in college and kept it up. There are some Marge Piercy poems there, and some great quotes by Adrienne Rich. I had stopped working on it due to numerous problems, but I want to put what is there back online again soon.


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